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In character as Pollie Toothill

I take on the persona of Pollie to meet visitors to Saltaire. As a member of the Saltaire Walks and Talks team I invite guests to travel back in time, to meet my friends and neighbours and to take a tour of Saltaire village's amenities and its famous houses.

Pollie shares the pressures of living in a crowded place where the landlord - also the village's main employer - strictly regulates daily life. She also has the village gossip and can explain what those little holes in the house walls are for.

Importantly, Pollie can help you decide for yourself: is Sir Titus Salt a social visionary or just another despotic Victorian mill owner?

Who was Pollie Toothill?

Pollie was a dress-maker from Bradford Moor. She met Sylvester Toothill, a Saltaire accountant, and like a true social climber fell in love with him after she saw where he lived.

They lived in his grace and favour appartment in the Saltaire Club and Institute - now the Victoria Hall.

There was a scandal and it was necessary for Sylvester to disappear for a while - Pollie stood by him, but now Pollie will confide!!

Albert Terrace, Saltaire 2019
Meet your Guides!
Pollie and the Dreadful Mrs Doolie, Roberts Park.
Pollie and Mrs Doolie Saltaire URC 2019
A private family tour 2019
With Brontë Rotary Club 2019
Brontë Rotary Club 2019

Dressing Pollie in original Victorian fashions

with thanks to seamstress, Jeanne, and The Souk, Haworth

Pollie (aka Joanne) recently spoke to the Bronte Rotarians. Read their review here.


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