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Joanne Edutainment

singer, chanteuse, actress and educatress extraordinaire

Who is Joanne?

I work as a presenter and a singer.

You may have come across me via one of my three main roles:

Lucienne de Ville (chanteuse)

Pollie Toothill (Victorian tour guide)

J&J Projects for Schools (science presenter)

I live in Yorkshire and travel widely including overseas for my work.

I really love what I do and if you want to find out how I got to this point, just scroll down a bit ...


Upcoming Public Events


This year has been a different year to say the least, for us all.  Like other performers, musicians and  artists most if not all of my work is on long pause...  I've been making films for Youtube during lockdown and was delighted to be asked to make a Virtual Tour for Saltaire Festival in September. If you would like to escape 2020 for a while, join me and my Victorian alter ego Pollie Toothill on the time machine and travel back to Victorian Saltaire... (link above)

... Lucienne de Ville's much anticipated show at Cobbles and Clay was responsibly postponed, I'm very much looking forward to performing in this cozy Haworth eaterie just soon as it's possible.

Lucienne is looking forward to performing again as much as

you are looking forward to seeing her so do please watch this space.

During lockdown you can enjoy a little soirée chez vous with Lucienne de Ville tonight!

Go to my first music video on YouTube

and play the chansons while enjoying a candle-lit dinner ...

... there are some numbers to dance to too.

À bientȏt, Lucienne xx

About me

My background is quite diverse. I've been a Bluecoat Entertainer at Pontin's, a teacher in a Language School in Eastern Europe and worked in a heavy engineering company in Germany which is why I can speak and sing in German!

My singing career began in my early twenties when I toured the Working Men's Clubs, holiday camps and sang at private parties.

I created Lucienne de Ville in 2014. My inspiration came from Lucienne Delyle, a French chanteuse born in Paris in 1900. Like me, she had something of a portfolio career: she was a pharmacist by day.

As Lucienne, I sing in French, German, Italian and English, bringing together my love of languages, singing and entertaining.

Pollie Toothill is another of the characters I play. I am delighted to be one of the professional guides with Saltaire Walks and Talks, founded by the inimitable and inspiring Maria Glot.

When I joined the Walks and Talks team, a friend and historian, Alan Cattell, researched Pollie Toothill from the census records in the 1870s. As Pollie, I guide visitors around Saltaire and share the village and the mill's history and Pollie's own personal story. Find out more on the Pollie Toothill page.

I love being Pollie and can relate to her story now. The history of Saltaire is really fascinating and I love dressing up in a cloak and long dresses of the 19th century.

In 1990 I started work at the University of Bradford. I had a number of roles and eventually became involved in promoting science and engineering at schools in the UK and overseas. Excitingly, this work took me to Botswana, the UAE, the Baltic States and across Europe.

J&J Projects was created in 2015 to continue promoting science and engineering. The scientist behind it is Jack Bradley who is a chartered Mechanical Engineer and we are proud to present real science and real engineering with real engagement and appeal.

J&J is proudly presenting at the Leeds International Festival 2020!

J&J Projects in York, February 2020

building hovercrafts

I really enjoy having a 'portfolio' career which uses the skills and experience gained

from a childhood of acting at Bradford Playhouse through to representing

Science and Engineering internationally.

I am delighted

to bring together subjects I'm passionate about to

entertain, educate,

create fun and




and entertainment

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